/sash is a layered latex and heavily ruffled sash, draped over a series of six scale model sawhorses – tools used to support the construction, in this case, of an idealized form.  Its hyper-femininity, rendered in pinks and reds, in ruffled texture, and in clitoral rosette, makes the insistent visibility of /sash all the more flamboyantly vulgar. The slash of its title – the symbol of the slanted line rather than the word spelled out- operates as a reminder of the liminal space where the agents that comprise a hybrid form meet, as a reminder of the directional line drawn across the body of someone who might mark themselves as an agent to secure a right that has been denied, or identify the wearer as superlative in some performance of personal aesthetics, and as a reminder of the potential for violence at that site, a potential also articulated by the fact of the work’s position, low to the ground and composed from parts that reference not only construction site, but also litter and stretcher.

latex, balsa wood
6”w x 6”h x 3’l