Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point establishes its own horizon line via a long narrow balsa wood structure that references the seedy pleasures associated with boardwalks generally, and the specific cruising grounds of the Christopher Street Pier in Manhattan. That pier has for the last two decades become an increasingly contested site, where the interests of generations of queer youth of color who have congregated there conflict with the property owners of gentrifying developments whose resources have been put to use in enforcing a curfew for this otherwise public space. The silver mylar balloon that floats above or droops over the pier reads as a sign of celebration, but an inherently ephemeral one; the vanishing point of the title is not a distant point but a flamboyantly large and reflective form that retains an insistent presence despite its deflation.

balsa wood, mylar helium balloon, ribbon, nylon hardware
36” l x 2” d x 8’ h