Scene Two

An iterative installation, Scene Two acts as an exploded diagram for an expansive archive of feminist and queer iconography.  The cacophony of forms stages an homage/ grudge match through such entries into the archive as a curtain-scale dental dam, a lavender labrys, turned wooden replicas of the head of a Hitachi Magic Wand, an Andrea Dworkin citation, a fragment from Sondheim’s Gypsy, and a crate with the silhouette of the Ladies of Llangollen, whose romance spanned the 18th and 19th centuries.  

Slippages between floor and wall, and found and fabricated forms interrupt binary structures and taxonomies.  High and low meet where the pattern of the floor at Versailles - now memed by woodworkers across centuries and geographies - backs a stud wall library ladder and serves as a “surface” for a pair of boxer briefs.  More library ladders flank construction scaffolding, which pierces the wall. 

systems scaffold, steel, iron, wood, latex, silicone
dimensions variable