Pride, that old Bitch.
silkscreened handkerchief
edition of 69;
69 artist prints
14”h x 14″w

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, Pride has officially become both the aged queen we adore and owe a model of riot-based survival to, and a gluttonous caricature of corporate assimilation.  This handkerchief celebrates and reads Pride as the complicated family member she is, while implicating the queer community through the vernacular of flagging, which insists that we either are her or are looking for her.  Pride, that old Bitch.’s design is sourced from the 19th century illustrations of yet older bitch Aubrey Beardsley, recomposed into an assembly of arch gestures and/ or tenderly caressing fingers emerging from oversize ruffles.  The historical distance of these source images point to the enduring legacies of queer culture, and the unfixed futures of our continued resistance.