Archivist Fingers

Lesbian Herstory Archives, installation view with shelves and library ladder

detail view of bronze fingers in profile with  archive shelves out of focus in the background
detail view of bronze fingers from above

detail view from below showing how the bronze fingers hook onto the library rail

detail of top rung on library ladder; a title plate reads "Archivist Fingers / Anna Campbell, 2014" and a graffiti drawing of a vulva is to its right
This permanent installation at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, NY consists of a collection of bronze fingers cast from the archivists who built and sustained that institution.  These fingers are installed in rotation on the library ladder that runs along a track in the Archives’ central room, mimicking both the queer labor and desire that is central to the survival of that space.

set of five bronze fingers and felt-lined wood case, archive ladder
case dimensions: 12”h x 36”w x 12”d