Extra Innings

The massage table platform of Extra Innings offers up the prospect of respite and restoration in a moment when so many of our bodies are conscripted into reactive and defensive work.  Its scoreboard-styled blanket eschews the possibility of  recording the progress towards winning or losing - instead its text: “PUBLIC” vs. “PRIVATE,” “SOFT”/ “STRIKE”/ “OUT” and “BUTCH” at bat suggest a queer model of play apart from the constrictions of normative game space.  The vintage table reaches back to an earlier moment in time, as the title and elongated typesetting of “DREAMSEQUENCE” conjure a stretched and extended marking of time.  Using design in the service of a kind of prefigurative politics, this work pitches a structure to facilitate utopic dream space, recognizing that the labor of anticipating and laying the groundwork for dreaming requires its own particular tools and commitment.

wool, massage table