Across the Surface

Across the Surface pairs opposing rear-projected videos illuminating the receptionist windows of a former medical clinic. A solitary sailor dissolves in and out of a scene where he stands rowing on water, across from a video of two sailor hats washing ashore together. Longing and loss in the tableaux combined with the reiterating crash of waves echo the similarly eroding force, suggested by the site, of the withholding of care from bodies considered other. As still images, the sentiment of the original piece is preserved by isolating single frames and extending the duration of the sailor’s dissolve, as well as articulating the grainy distance that separates a performative moment from a layered series of reproductions that read similarly to the memory of a feeling.
2 channel video installation/
archival digital prints
each 11” w x 16” h or 9” h x 12” w
2010 – 2013